Our greatest need is for monetary donations, which go directly to the children who have been accepted to the program.  Remember, any amount helps!

All donations to Tob’anik USA are 100% tax deductible.  Donations are made to the Tob’anik USA fund, maintained by Star of Hope International, a US registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

Your donation will go to help the outreach program run by Juan Sisay Spanish School.

The outreach program uses donations to:

  • Reimburse poor families for school fees, uniforms, books and school supplies.
  • Purchase vitamins, powdered milk, socks and shoes for families who cannot otherwise provide these items for their children.
  • Provide quarterly dinners for the program’s students and their families to celebrate academic success and encourage students to continue with their studies.
  • Provide income for a local teacher to help with administrative tasks and act as student coordinator.

Donate via Star of Hope to Tob’anik USA (tax deductable): Star of Hope – Tob’anik