Our Vision and Mission

The mission of Tob’anik USA is to help as many children as possible in and around the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to attend public school.  We hope to aid in the development of a sense of hope and self-worth among the youth of the city by financing their education, and encouraging them to become contributing members of society.


Tob’anik USA works in partnership with the Spanish School SISAI, a collective for foreigners, with the belief that cooperation and solidarity between neighboring countries is essential for the peace and prosperity of both nations.

The following objectives are shared by Tob’anik USA and SISAI:

  • to ensure that children who come from families of limited means are not left without an education because of a lack of finances or motivation to study.
  • to help families of limited means to pay for the education of their children by providing them with donations of: vitamins, powdered milk, socks and shoes for the children throughout the year.
  • to motivate students by means of dinners to celebrate achievement, and other celebrations for special days, such as Children’s Day and Christmas.
  • to provide motivational speeches for the children, given by people with expertise in the field, so that the children will desire to improve themselves daily, strengthen their abilities, pass their classes, and be contributing members of society.
  • to give volunteer opportunities to foreign students of Spanish School Juan Sisay who want to aid in the education of the children directly by helping them with their homework and tutoring them in areas such as mathematics, reading and English.